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The Three Chimneys

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Design, Photography

Branding and design repositioning of award winning eatery The Three Chimneys. The development of a new logo marque with seminal typographer Chris Bigg is being being rolled out over branding, marketing and print materials as well as website presence and product development.

During the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) it is said that up to 3,000 French prisoners were kept at nearby Sissinghurst Castle. The French seamen were placed on parole in the surrounding area and were allowed out as far as the pub building. At the time locals referred to this as the ‘Three Wents’ (or three ways) but the prisoners called it Les Trois Chemins. The unique name of the Three Chimneys therefore derives from the French term for the junction of three roads. The identity reflects this history and all internal and external signage is hand-painted, reflecting a sense of craft.

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