Architecture and the Special Relationship

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Architecture and the Special Relationship: The American Influence on Post-War British Architecture by Murray Fraser and Joe Kerr for Routledge

Extensive book of 606 pages with particular reference to the field of architecture, this text examines the economic and political consequences for Britain of the post-war Anglo-American ‘special relationship’, providing detailed studies of key buildings and urban planning initiatives, blended with a wider theoretical analysis of socio-economic and cultural developments. By looking at the effects on a highly developed Western country of a more powerful ally on which it was becoming increasingly dependent, the book critically revisits the usual themes of post-colonial studies, making this a thought-provoking and innovative analysis.

Won the RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding University-Located Research and the Bruno Zevi Book Prize from the International Committee of Architectural Critics for the best architectural book published anywhere in the world in the previous year.

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